diy // glittered star cocktail stirrer

i hope that you are all enjoying celebrating the holidays! we've been visiting family in arizona.. but i still managed to pack some craft supplies and find a few items to style a shoot with!
i've been having a little moment with stars. i'm in love with them. and i think they are the perfect addition to holiday decor. in glitter and black they make a fabulous cocktail garnish right in time for new years eve parties!

grab some glitter, bamboo skewers, card stock to match your glitter, scissors and glue.

fold your card stock in half and cut out your stars. keep the fold at the tip of one of the star points so that they stay connected like below.

unfold, brush on your glue to both sides and add glitter. once the glitter has dried, turn over and apply glue to inside and close over a bamboo skewer.

cut skewers to length if necessary and garnish your favorite cocktail!

these are simple, quick and a fun way to jazz up your nye cocktail party or bring to the hostess as a gift. enjoy!

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