gift guides // for the hostess with cupcakes and cutlery

Hey everybody!  While Lauren is busy relaxing, I'm here with some hostess gift ideas!  I'm sure you have been or will be invited to a bunch of holiday parties this season.  In my opinion, a hostess gift does not need to be extravagant but should be thoughtful.  Think of those items that you might want, but wouldn't necessarily buy yourself.  Those are the things that make good gifts for the people inviting you in to their home. 

1.  One Hope Wine : Buying a bottle of wine is easy and somewhat expected as a hostess gift.  What sets One Hope Wine apart is that for each bottle sold, about $5 is donated to worthy causes.  So not only are you providing your host with a delicious gift, you are giving back too.   
2.  Chocolate Chip Panettone :  A chocolate chip panettone is something that your hostess has probably seen but wouldn't splurge on (calorie wise, not cost!).  By bringing on to her, you have taken the guilt away (I mean, it was a gift, she can't NOT eat it).  As you hand it over, remind her that panettone makes a great breakfast so she'll know that when she gets up, after a long night of hosting people, breakfast is ready to go.  
3.  Beverage Dispenser : If your hostess loves to entertain, consider a gorgeous beverage dispenser.  Chances are she will get a lot of use out of it throughout the year and she'll think of you every time she breaks it out.  
4.  Gingerbread House Candies :  For thanking families, wrap up these gingerbread house decorating candies (they are so whimsical and colorful!) with a family favorite recipe for gingerbread.  Make it in to a cute little activity for the host family to do together.  
5.  Whatever Banner : For those people who like to host but without the fuss, this Whatever Banner is perfect.  They will have it on hand for whatever event pops up that they need to add a little (a very little) pizazz too.  
6.  Coasters : For the gal who likes to keep a sophisticated home, these bronze and gold paint drip coasters are the perfect elegant touch to bring out next time she has guests over.  
7.  Cheese Markers : People LOVE cheese.  These cheese markers are a super fun way to tell guests what is what.  These are for the host with a sense of humor.  
8.  Personalized Pencils : Personalized pencils are super fun.  Does your hostess have a catch phrase or nickname?  Show your host how much you enjoy them by giving them this thoughtful gift.  These show preplanning and thoughtfulness and you will, for sure, be invited back. 
9.  Initial Plates : These initial plates are darling.  Consider purchasing a set with the initial for their last name.  These can be used at all their future parties or to hold trinkets next to the bed.  
10.  Scarf : Let's be honest.  Even if a family or couple is "hosting" we all know who handles most of the duties.  Give your hostess a lovely scarf to wear for the season.  
11.  Slippers : Being on your feet for the prepping of a party sure takes it's toll.  Showing up with comfy slippers for your hostess might earn you a bear hug.  And these are even cute enough to finish out the party in.

But if you really like your hosts, give them this doormat.  Their safety really could be in your hands.   

What is your favorite thing to give? 

Sharon from Cupcakes and Cutlery