gift guides // for the crafter with hank and hunt

If you aren't a crafty type, this gift guide isn't as glamorous as you might hope. But if you are a DIY blogger, party planner or just a gal that likes to make stuff she sees on Pinterest (or you are shopping for one) this little roundup is pure goodness. Crafters don't always buy the prettiest or best quality when they first get stuff, I speak from experience here. Replace her standby with a nice one and she'll love you. Here are just a few things I have on my wishlist but I have also included a few of my favorite tools. And can I just mention a hot pink hot glue accessory kit with finger covers so I don't burn the jingle out of myself?? Hello, you will get squeals of delight and big hugs from your recipient, guaranteed. 

HOT GLUE HELPER KIT // The belle of the ball here, just get it for her. Trust me.  

CUTTING MAT // a nice BIG one that is a clean and modern color, or lacking color, thank heavens, have you seen some of those shades?

SCISSORS // I use these Gingher shears all the time, but I don’t have them in gold. Hint, hint.

GOLD TAPE // I don’t know a girl who wouldn’t want this in her stocking. Like a lady version of duct tape.

GLITTER TWINE // Eek, it has gold in it!

WOOL FELT BALLS // I found them, a lot of them. You are welcome.

PARCEL TWINE // I love this twine. It’s past healthy infatuation at this point.

WOOL FELT // Premium quality felt in a variety of real pretty colors, much better than the craft aisle, seriously.

SILVER SEWING TOTE // This baby is vintage and could handle a night on the town, too.

DRILL // I have this and the neon green looks awesome in photos. It’s light so it is less intimidating and how else are you supposed to make party animals? Duh.

LETTERPRESS MACHINE // I have this too and I love it. Did you know the company not only has a huge selection of letterpress plates but you can make your own custom ones? (psst…Use code HANK and get 20% off)

GOLD SPRAY PAINT // You could buy one, or an entire case, and I’d be thrilled…oh, uh, she would be.  Paint ALL the things…GOLD.

I love swinging by A Fabulous Fete, thanks so much for having me Lauren! Happy Crafting all! xoxo