sometimes i do things.. that don't really make sense

like starting a tumblr. you know, because i didn't have enough channels to post on already.
i had good reason though (if only JUST for me), i "like" stuff and "pin" stuff all the time, but there are some images that i extra "like" :) and often those get lost in the shuffle. so i started this, i can pull my favorites from twitter, pinterest, blogs, Facebook, instagram, etc. and for the first time, i'm starting this purely for my inspiration and not to gain followers or seek comments. and somehow that makes it so much easier to post on.

moving onto other news.. it was a little quiet around here last week, right? well i was prepping for a fabulous couples engagement party! here's a little peek until i share the entire event with ya.

there are a ton of handmade elements that you could incorporate into any of your upcoming parties too. like customized coasters, a giant note board, tassel chandelier and a crepe paper photo backdrop to name a few. so i'll definitely be sharing a diy or 2 that you can use too!
how did you spend your weekend?