organized home = organized mind

well hello. happy friday!
i'm not sure about you, but the suggestion that an organized home = an organized mind, which in turn = an easier time being creative and getting things done, is very true in my case.
i've known this, but it's just easier to let the laundry pile up and the receipts act as confetti on my desk.
so when i read this article, i was like, ok lauren, let's do this. not only have i been intensely organizing my home, i've been organizing and cleaning up things that just give me anxiety or don't leave me inspired... example? instagram/twitter/facebook... specifically. i have an easy time falling into the comparison trap, so i finally did something about it and i can't even tell you what kind of weight has been lifted off of my shoulders this week. i spend less time watching what others are doing and being jealous, and more time coming up with my own unique ideas.
i know people write about this all the time, and i'm not giving any advice. just stating a fact and telling you IT WORKS. DO IT! So if you're like me, go clean out your junk drawer and see what happens;) and have an awesome weekend!! here are a few reads that have provided great info for me this week if you're looking for a little reading material:

i don't have sponsors, but this will be helpful when it happens. this made me feel a little better about the fact that there are a million things i enjoy doing and maybe i haven't settled into the right one yet, or that maybe i don't need to. if you have a ton of scrap paper, read this and get to printing!

enjoy. xo.