diy // make your pumpkins work for ya

what's more halloweeny than pumpkins? nothing. well, let's get to this pumpkin sign holder diy then so you can spruce up your halloween bash!

pick your pumpkys. if you have a trader joes nearby, go. they have an amazing selection. i mean, look at the stems on these babies. fabulous.
not to mention all of the "fairytale" pumpkins they've got. i will definitely be stocking up on those for our party this weekend. they transition well into thanksgiving/fall decor as well.. so let's call it a 2 for 1 deal! (aka, convincing your husband why you need to spend more money buying 10 additional pumpkins as decor). moving along..
you'll also need a few bamboo skewers, your signage (i whipped up a few and printed on card stock, then taped w/ clear shipping tape to the skewers), and a drill w/ bit around the size of the skewer. you may not all be handymen like me, so if you don't have a drill, if you can find something make of a sturdy material and is sharp, like an awl, it should work just as well.

drill your hold, place in the skewer, measure the height you'd like your sign and trim.

free standing signs are always a great idea. you don't have to figure out where to tie or tape your sign when you have a little buffet going on. plus these fab little pumpkins were going on my table anyways, so why not make them work for it?