wait.. it's my birthday!

i knew that i chose the "today is the day" quote to post today for a reason..
it's a fabulous fete's third birthday! i can't believe i forgot. i always start thinking about it when summer comes around.. but today is different. i'm putting it on my calendar this time and we are having a proper celebration moving forward.

as a fabulous fete is now my full time gig, supporting my forever 21, glitter, wine and nail polish obsessions, it feels a bit more "real" to celebrate this year. i can't believe where i've come from (i'm definitely not linking to it, but my first post is accessible, and thoroughly embarrassing), where i've been and where i'm about to go. this company, blog, and brand is my dream.
so let's cheers to a fabulous fete! have an amazing weekend and thank you to everyone who has been there to support my journey.