swig & shindig // inspired decor and cocktails

hey there. happy friday!
so i had a little idea.. creating cocktails and party decor inspired by one object.
i have these placemats [the palm leaves] that have been in hiding for a few years. i pulled them out to bring a little summer into our table settings.
i thought this was a perfect starting point for some summer decor and a refreshing cocktail. and you know how we need a refreshing cocktail if you're enjoying this crazy hot weather in ca.

i'm venturing out from my usual 2 ingredient cocktails. i knew for this one i definitely needed something tropical, so the main ingredient was the delicious coconut syrup. here's what i mixed up along with it:
mix together 2 teaspoons coconut syrup, 1 oz. lime juice, 1 oz. simple syrup and 1-2 oz. vodka. top all of that with lots of crushed ice and add a little sparkling water on top as the final touch.

ryans dad was visiting the day i mixed these up.. he was my guinea pig and asked for a refill, so they had to be good. it wasn't just me being biased towards my mixology skills.

inspired by the ombre effect in the palm leaves i wanted to create an easy/relaxed garland.
i dyed some muslin 3 different shades of green and sewed them together accordingly. i left the raw edges as i thought it gave it that same relaxed island vibe... and i never finish edges on anything. takes way too much time ;)

hope you can enjoy either cocktailing or crafting this weekend!

[yep, cocktailing is officially a word.]