scheming // new series inspiration

you know how they say love always finds you when you're least expecting it? well i think that is true for a lot of different situations.. especially inspiration. ideas and inspiration always seem to hit when you aren't searching for it. just like the other day i was setting our dining room table with these fun palm  leaves. i was inspired for a fun new series to start on the blog! no, it really doesn't have anything to do with placemats or palm trees.. but the these guys had me daydreaming of something that spiraled into a post. yes.. i love when ideas are not forced, much more fun that way.

after inspiration struck. i ran out and began the hunt for supplies. and found these heavenly fellas.

so now that you are thoroughly confused, come back next week to find out what palms, cats dressed as audrey hepburn cocktail napkins, scrap fabric and green glasses all have to do with each other.
any guesses?