diy // jewel cocktail stirrers

you know you've got one. a stash of gorgeous beads you bought with the intention of making a fabulous necklace for yourself. go get those and let's make something that will take way less time and you'll get a lot more use out of.. cocktail stirrers.

i love these faceted jewel beads for this project. adds a huge impact to an otherwise plain glass.
grab a bag of those, some bamboo skewers (the grocery stores typically offer 2 thicknesses, find the thinner skewers if you can) and a glue gun.

place a tiny dot of glue on the pointed side of the skewer and place through the hole one your bead. it should go in about a 1/4". repeat until you have a full set for entertaining.

these took maybe 2 or 3 minutes, so i made a handful for our next cocktail party.. or just this weekend, whatever comes first.