the weekend // practice + plans

well, what did i say? i needed to practice my callig...
i thought it would be a good start if i try to put something up every friday for ya.
keeps me accountable and you entertained ;) maybe.
it is summer, and if you read my blog, you're probably aware of my lack of focus for a weekly column. put those 2 things together and.. let's just see what happens.

anyways. this is what i whipped up yesterday while procrastinating eh, i mean practicing. a little list of things i had running through my head. things i've been wanting to do all week. i finally feel like, as of tomorrow (when i ship out about 15 orders), i will be, for the first time in months, "caught up". this means no assembling cake stands, no packing calligraphy orders, no work, just play. i'm excited.

i think i might bake some mini cakes.. or just plain cupcakes. doesn't really matter. i'll eat them all before sunday anyways. i ordered like 10 packs of film for my instax mini, so i need to get to it. ryan and i need a date night, just because we do... and of course, a weekend staple, i'll be drinking my vino. relaxation step number one. [which reminds me, i need to throw some chard in the fridge so it's cold by five.. maybe 3, we'll see how the day goes]

there you have it. some practice and a look into my eventful weekend.
i hope you have some equally fabulous plans and enjoy them!