practice makes perfect // be you

 sorry about the selective scanning my machine decided to provide. apparently it has an issue with gold ink.

moving along. happy friday! this week i decided to work on creating something that i'll save as a reminder.. to stop comparing.
i know many creative people struggle with this. there are just so many venues to compare yourselves to others these days. blogging ['they' receive more comments than me], twitter ['they' have more followers than me], etsy ['they' have more sales than me], even instagram ['they're' life is much more glamorous than mine]. but there's nothing you can do about it. no matter how great your are at what you do, there will most likely always be someone out there that is "better". so let's focus on you, and doing the best you can, improving whatever your skill is everyday. 
hopefully this serves as a pretty reminder in my office, to stop wasting my time comparing myself, it definitely doesn't get you anywhere and is a guaranteed motivation killer. 
have a fabulous weekend!