party souvenir // mini bowl favors

as anything mini does, these little bowls immediately caught my attention and spurred a brainstorm of all the little things i could put in them.
these adorable bowls are dipped in a rainbow of colors. and this set is sold specifically as favors.
how super would these be as favors?! i am pro giving favors that are useful and things people are actually going to keep.. i mean, while very cute, who is actually going to take that monogrammed box of jordan almonds home and display it? (ps. i'm not hating on those candies, i could eat a 5 lb. bag in one sitting.. just saying).
these, on the other hand, are something people could actually put to use.
just the suggestions in the styling shown in wind and willow are fantastic.
plant a succulent
fill with sprinkles (then attach to a little jar of cupcake mix)
to hold your jewels
the list could go on. enjoy your tuesday party people.

[image via wind & willow home]