diy // thank you cards

yes. it's been about 6 weeks and i'm just getting to our thank you's... i like to say, better late than never (i say it far too much). i don't buy stuff like this. ever.
it must be personal and hand crafted. it's what i do (or maybe my excuse for being "thrifty").
i haven't exactly gotten far on these. shooting them for this post was much more exciting and motivating than filling them out for each guest. so sorry to my friends that are reading this. i'm spoiling it on the blog!

here's what i used. large manilla tags, a strip of tulle left over from wedding projects to embellish the edge, polka dots stamped with the eraser from a pencil, and of course, the (free to me) calligraphy thank you. on the back there are some washi tape strips, also left over from our guest book. this is where the heart felt, sentimental notes will be written.. or more likely, 'thanks for the wine glasses and partying hard at the wedding':)

super easy and thrifty and can be sent in a standard envelope.
do you get crafty for your thank you notes or opt for the store bought option?