diy // tassel necklace

have i said i'm in love with tassels? oh yes, i think i have..
what better way to show my love than to wear one around my neck.
i had these tassels left from the wedding. yes, they are home decor curtain tie backs. and yes, they are huge. which is why it made a perfect over the top accessory.

here's what you'll need:
one tie back, desired length in metal chain and some jump rings.

cut the length you'd like for the chain and join the ends with a ring

chop off the rope part at the top of the tassel

and attach to the ring that you joined the ends of the chain with
the top of my tassel had little loops, so i attached a jump ring to those, which i attached to the chain. depending on how the top of yours might be constructed, you may have to get out a needle and thread to attach, or maybe just the glue gun (so much work, i know, but totally worth it)

now style and wear.