{ le honeymoon. part one. }

in an attempt to not completely overwhelm you (or post way to many pictures of the ocean and ourselves that i'm sure only our mothers would enjoy). i've carefully narrowed down our trip from 800 moments, into 11, in part one at least. you're welcome.

the first island we visited was moorea. stayed in an overwater bungalow. ate way too many crepes. and enjoyed this view. it was heaven.

our first sunrise in moorea.

the hilton welcomed us with delicious iced tea. hermit crabs were abundant. and our attempt at a swimming self portrait. it only took 20 trys.

we did do things besides lounging on our deck.. we went on a little snorkeling tour where they demonstrated how to break a coconut and make coconut milk only after cooking us an amazing lunch of local eats to be enjoyed next to the crystal clear water.

the sting rays here were like little puppies. they would rub up on your feet to get a back rub. sure, this was terrifying at first, but i got used to it!

these guys are surfing out in the middle of the ocean. there is a large reef all the way around the island, so the water breaks about 1/4 mile out, not on the sand like is does here. so they load up their boards on their boats, paddle out and surf as normal. crazy.

shell chandelier at the crepe bar. my first thought.. diy?!

it did get a bit stormy one day. so ryan and i enjoyed it the only way we knew how. beer, wine and cheese balls on our deck. i didn't hate it.

after ryan figured out how to crack them coconuts, we had to stop every time he got thirsty (instead of just opening the bottled water we had, cuz this was way cooler).

and how we would end our day. watching the amazing sunsets.

next up, bora bora!