i'm back..

well hi again! just a little over 48 hours ago, i was still floating around in this fabulously crystal clear water. i'm having paradise withdrawals and getting a little choked up writing this.
anyways. enough moaning about the honeymoon!
i'm still on "island time" and have yet to choose all of the photos i want to share. it takes some time to filter through, edit and format 800 shots. literally. ryan thinks i'm crazy. i don't think i took enough.

spending 11 days [mostly] daydreaming was like hitting the reset button.. on your mind and body. i filled endless pages of my little notebook with ideas, inspiration, and things i want to try. i'm ready to eat more vegetables and am looking forward to some bootcamp and bikram yoga. or maybe it's that i don't have wedding brain anymore and can actually think clearly and remember a thought for more than 2 seconds (oh, and gained a few because calories don't count on honeymoons). seriously, wedding brain is a real problem, there must be a medical name.. i'm sure of it.

one thing that i have waited WAY to long to share will finally make it's way on to the blog this week too! remember the summer shoot i told you all about? well get ready. between that, honeymoon photos, and maybe even some wedding project diy's.. you'll have your fill to look through;)

i hope you all enjoyed the guest posters! i can't thank them enough for sharing their talent with me AND you!
xo. mrs. saylor
(i like the looks of that)