being a fabulous hostess by carol..

well hey! today i have some lovely advice from carol over at oh yei! concept factory. i'll admit, i can't read her blog, but it really doesn't matter because her work, creativity, and photography is pretty amazing and i can look the crap out of it. i'm a sucker for inspiration and pretty pictures;) here are carol's tips for being fabulous entertainer!

Summer is here and its perfect for outdoor entertaining. Here are some essentials to be the prettiest summer host.

Entertaining goods:
To add an elegance touch to a simple outdoor grill you could mix golden elements like napkins and cutlery in gold polka dots to bright color palette.

To be a charming host:
A fresh maxi dress in aqua and blue ombre with gold accesories can turn on the vibe, but most important dont forget to smile. 

Where to buy:

1. Wide Brim Hat - Forever 21
2. Bangles - Forever 21 3. Plates - Ticker tape tidbit by Kate Spade NY 4. Studded Flip-flops - Valentino 5. Maxi Dress - Addirsi by MaxMara vía 6. Dotted Nakpin - Anthropologie 7. Gold polka dot tumblers by Darbie Angell Monaco vía Bed Bath & beyond 8. Retromodern mini grill - Anthropologie 9. Airy Outdoor furniture vía 10. Checkered spoons - Anthropologie 

thanks for sharing your tips carol! now to get my hands on those tumblers..