[ vignettes ]

i go through phases. let the crap in my home pile up. clean. re-decorate. crap piles up again. so i clean/re-decorate. each time it gets better i tell myself "not this time lauren, you're going to keep this up". ha.
with the wedding coming up, we've had lots of visitors around here which means i'm constantly shoving clothes, bills, crafts, etc. in closets and guest rooms. well, it's exhausting, so this week i'm committed to getting this house under control and beautified.

cleaning is underway, but i need some inspiration to keep going.
in a home, it's all in the details (like a party... which is probably why i like both so much). i love collecting random little trinkets and displaying as much as i can.
these spaces below are so inspiring. they look effortless and thrown together, but still not like you're hoarding things on your table tops and too lazy to put them away.

love. love. love all of the random/mix-matched items, found containers, and live plants in these. 

this chalkboard is such a great idea for a way to change up your backdrop.. 

ok. more cleaning. less blogging.
have a great thursday!