diy \ wrapped flatware

it's been a while. i know.
i think that all of my creativity was just sucked out of me for all of the other projects i have been working on. well, i'm back. one day a slew of project ideas hit me. i'm definitely excited to share them with you!

today i have an easy way to add a little color to your spring table. if you do it right, you can even do this as a temporary project and remove after you're done!

all you need is some flatware, embroidery floss, and a glue gun

start with a dab of glue at the top, wait for it to dry and wrap your way on down to the bottom.

another little dot of glue at the bottom and you're done! i recommend adding small dots on your way down just to keep it in place. but it's definitely not necessary.
i created an ombre effect by using slightly different shades of embroidery floss, you could even get creative and create a striped pattern on your handles?

easy enough, yes? enjoy!