coming soon.

i don't know how you do it.. photographers.
you just make everything look fabulous. even my insanely unorganized photo shoot messes. (this is how i like to work, and it works for me, no judging:)
as i mentioned, desi and tammy shot my spring/summer collection for the shop, along with a little styled shoot to go showcasing all of the summery product.
we had a blast. ate cookies. drank whisky. made candy rain. you know, the usual.
anyways, they sent me this behind the scenes sneaky peek.
i can't wait to see the rest of their gorgeous work.
check out if you just can't wait.
ps. sharon was also there to help me stay on track and give her valued opinion. so she deserves a gigantic thank you, hug, pat on the back.. 
and my sis and her friend for being models, wearing sparkles and putting up with random pose requests.
thanks guys. you rock.