our table design // egypt to india

well. happy friday!
i had to ask friends this morning what day it was. the past 4 days have been a blur of sparkles, spray paint and sewing. we spent this week preparing for our table at the utterly engaged leap year party. the party was wednesday, so i'm just now trying to get things back to normal and catch up on my life that i put on hold!
anyways. it was totally worth it because
1. our table was outstanding (not to toot my own horn. but.. ok, i'm going to)
2. we got to attend an amazing party
3. now i have an entire box of newly craft party supplies

here are a few peeks at our table. i cannot wait to see images from the event! they will be featured in the next issue of utterly engaged. so don't miss it!

a few things i'd like to point out... 
those lanterns? hand painted. those are my pride and joy. they took the longest and most concentration out of any project on that table.
all of our pink-ness was hand dyed as well. i seriously want to dip dye everything i own now because it's so good looking.
florals were by joanna at floral sense and sharon of cupcakes and cutlery was my partner in creating this tablescape. so check them out!

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