- ny -

well i'm back from new york. it's everything everybody said it would be. and they were right, i didn't really want to come back. i'm sure eventually i'd have wanted to, but a quick weekend was just not enough time. we packed in a lot. ate a lot. walked a lot. shopped a lot. these are just a few of the things we enjoyed... 

i told myself that i would not go into any store that we had here in ca. and i didn't. i found a fancy pink sparkly number at topshop. i'm lucky it's not a quick drive to one of those... i'd be broke. 
all of the lights were so glamorous and just like they make em out to be in the movies.

the views.
a sunset from our room. visiting the empire state building. from my flight.

i loved finding cool little cafe's to eat breakfast at each morning.

i love hotel chocolate. that had nothing to do w/ being in new york though:)
i couldn't get over the trees everywhere. they were all over the place in bloom with those white flowers. gorgeous.
it's back to real life today. no leisurely breakfast and coffee this morning!