{ valentines brunch }

valentines day. some people love it, some think it's an unnecessary hallmark holiday, me... if there's a holiday that combines pink, red, chocolate and champagne... i'm in.
for this mini shoot i planned a brunch for four with paper flowers, all the pancakes you can eat and a touch a glitter.

each guest received their own personal bottle of champagne kept cold in a gold dipped mason jar.

stuffed hearts graced each plate and glitter framed chalkboards lead the guests to their seats.

what's valentines day without cupid's arrows?

each guest also left with a handmade hot pink heart pin! (and i really can't wait to wear mine. maybe today. i think hot pink is the perfect friday accessory)

the end. now i have lots of cookies and champagne to enjoy this weekend:)
have a fabulous friday!