. something blue .

i purchased this little guy for my wedding bouquet. i was having a hard time with the thought of integrating something blue into my wardrobe on our wedding day. but this subtle piece will probably blend nicely with the wild and organic bouquet. plus it fits with our "theme" (i kind of hate that word, theme. let's think of a new one).. a take on one of my favorite movies as a kid, alice in wonderland. you remember the rabbit right?
ok. back to work on ryans birthday plans! it's tomorrow and we're hosting a brunch on sunday. i think for most people, this isn't too much work. but i really can't entertain for a special occasion with the same old decor, using the same old dishes, on the same old linens. so back to garland making and menu planning! have a fabulous day.

[image via not one sparrow on etsy]