// birthday brunch //

this weekend we celebrated ryans bday [my fiance if you haven't caught on yet;)].
we had a few close friends over for a little sunday brunch with mimosas and bloody marys.
if you recall. i found my inspiration a few weeks ago while cruising the grocery store. the orange story was carried from decor all the way to the cake stands and cupcakes.
i think it was a nice choice for a dudes bday.

i tried my hand at the oh so popular confetti system garland. it was surprisingly fast and easy! i left it up until last night and probably would've left it longer if anyone over 5'4" could actually get through it without hitting there head. an easy menu outlined the treats we were serving. i'll be sharing a few projects using this paper, where i got it, and why i love it, later this week.

i hand dyed the table cloth and added succulents and herbs rather than flowers. trying to save some money, succulents and herbs are a great alternative (usually around $3-$6 each, even for those big succulents!) and you get to enjoy them much much longer. or as long as you can keep them alive. usually my problem.

triangle garland was strung across our hedges and i spruced up an ikea stand with some neon paint (which i will also be showing you how to make!) we picked up some donuts that morning, which obviously went over very well. they were gone. fast. i mean... who doesn't like donuts?

eggs and fixins were set out for guests to serve and bake themselves. the last thing anyone wants to do at a party is slave over the stove. so this was the perfect. guests had hot and fresh breakfast with minimal work by the host.
all signs were also pinned onto cork boards held up by easels. a great supply to have on hand for all of your party labeling needs!

and of course, no brunch is complete without mimosas and bloody marys. ryan mixed up a special bloody mary mix, and i prepared some yummy champagne mixers. we served the basic oj, strawberry simple syrup (i highly recommend this. and make lots. this was gone in the first hour), and some peach puree... i think people were scared of it's baby food like appearance, but were pleasantly surprised!

it was the perfect way to spend a sunday with friends!