save. the. date.

drum roll.. our save the dates!

originally i had big plans for our save the dates. but then LIFE got in the way:) we ended up going the simple route. well, if you call 3 rounds of printing and 3 different paper qualities simple, ya, it was simple (and all because of my picky-ness, not the printer!) anyways, i think the liner and addressing the envelopes in gold added a little bit of fun to the black and white save the date.

if you're on a budget and planning a wedding, i think save the dates are the place to really budget!
we chose our original paper from paper source in the clearance section. i honestly have no idea why anyone would ever put gorgeous peach cardstock on clearance, but i went with it.
print a standard size and pick a standard color for envelopes (and invite less people so you only have to buy 50 envelopes:) ha).
line the envelopes yourself! it's so easy. i bought that fabulous embossed gold dot paper at our local craft store... and wait for a coupon... i bought each piece for about a quarter.

what do you think? are you into the simplicity? or do you like save the dates that use engagements shots? or straight up over the top save the dates with butterflies and music (and you may only understand this one if you have seen bridesmaids... maybe)