i simplified this year.
rather than giving myself a list of 20 goals that i new were never going to happen. i gave myself 1 action that i truly believe i can use and will help me improve in multiple areas. try harder. that's it.
it's funny how you know there are things you can do to say, improve your business, your personal relationships, your health, etc. but you just don't. because it's easy not to.
SO. i'm going to push myself to take those extra steps.
i'm going to shut off the computer and brainstorm new ideas for my business.
i'm going to make those phone calls to family and friends just to say hi, even though i absolutely hate talking on the phone.
i'm going to throw away that junk in the pantry and have fruit for a snack instead of candy.
i'm going to wake up a half hour earlier and get that run in before i'm too "busy" to fit it into my day.
this list can go on forever. but you get the idea:)
it's the little steps that are going to make the difference. and if you think about them as they are, easy, small steps, it makes those goals you have seem a lot more attainable.
here's to a happy, and productive 2012!

alec vanderboom2 Comments