|| the white elephant invitation ||

i have a problem.
i cannot just print an invite.
i MUST add something with glue, tape, or string.
our white elephant party invitation was no exception.

i found the most adorable miniature elephants online, painted them white... 

these were way more work than originally anticipated.
since printers don't print to the edge (it's also a possibility they do and i have no idea how to do it, please share if you know) i had to tape off each invite and hand paint.
each piece of confetti, punched and meticulously placed... to look random.
and 4 coats of paint later, perfectly glossy white elephants were hot glued as the final touch.
i think i might frame one i love them so much:)

small kraft bags and washi tape were used as "envelopes". i didn't want to suffocate the elephants in a regular envelope.

what do you think? i also bought a boat load of that pretty tinsel. can. not. wait. to make some party decor with it!