gifting on a dime || day five:: customized cake plates

and last but not least... cake and/or appetizer plates!
i don't know about you, but plates, glasses and napkins are my kryptonite. i happen upon so many amazing deals that they just pile up in our closets. last years christmas plates are never good enough this year, which means LOTS of left overs.

i gave these a face lift with a porcelain pen. so easy to use, you can add whatever your creative little head can come up with. i'm a sucker for phrases. i'm much better at writing than drawing... so...

and why not wrap the plates up with a pretty tea towel? a great colorful touch you can add. and something they can keep and use rather than throwing in the trash as soon as they open your gift.

i hope you all enjoyed this week! and i hope i maybe even inspired some diy gifting ideas.
have a fabulous weekend.