[ frost bite or meet me at the mist-letoe? ]

hello friends! how was everyones weekend? lot's of holiday parties and festivities i hope.
today i have the pleasure of sharing a fabulous cocktail with you guys and gals. Sierra Mist Natural provided all of the goods to mix up some deliciousness for me, friends, and family.
lately, in an effort to prepare for our wedding... and just lead a more healthy lifestyle, i've been cutting out (as much as possible) the "junk" that used to cloud our diet. preservatives, artificial flavors/sweeteners/etc, anything that is too far from natural. SO, when i had the chance to make cocktails (always a favorite) with a natural main ingredient (my new favorite), it was a no brainer. sierra mist natural is made with real sugar, has no artificial ingredients and is made with 100% natural flavoring. yum.

now, for the good stuff. how to make this festive and refreshing cocktail!
Frost Bite Cocktail

// Ingredients //
. 3 oz. sierra mist natural .
. 1 oz. blue curacao .
. 1 oz. coconut vodka . [i subbed in plain]
. fresh mint .
. 1 oz. pineapple juice .
. fresh blueberries . [optional, i omitted]

in a shaker filled with ice, mix your vodka, pineapple juice, blue curacao, fresh mint [i used about 5 leaves] and blueberries.
shake, shake, shake...

and strain into your glass

top with le secret ingredient... Sierra Mist Natural

and voila! a fabulously, sparkling, holiday cocktail!

you can garnish with the blueberries, i chose to thread a few sprigs of mint onto a fancy cocktail stirrer. you could do the same with the blueberries too!

and you don't think i would just make a cocktail for myself in the middle of the day right? ok, well i totally would, but this time i decided to share the wealth and get the opinions of my friends and family. aren't they adorable hanging in their little ornaments? :) meet kristy, ryan, christie and steve. seasoned cocktail drinkers... they know a good one when they taste it.

we all concluded that this one was pretty darn good. so good in fact i was asked multiple times for refills. steve made a good point... when i told him what he was about to drink, he said he expected some sort of tropical mai tai, super sugary drink. but was pleasantly surprised how the sierra mist natural countered those flavors. kristy agreed and added that the bubbles made the cocktail much more refreshing than your average vodka cocktail and also blended the flavors together nicely. we all loved that not one ingredient stood out (which was what we expected at first glance of the ingredients).
survey says... fab, awesome, yummy, let's do this again next weekend.

But wait, there's more. How about a Meet me at the Mist-letoe... Martini?
All you need is
. 2 oz. Sierra Mist Natural .
. 1.5 oz. raspberry vodka .
. 3 leaves fresh basil .
. 1/2 oz. fresh lime juice .
. 1 oz. blueberry juice .

In a glass, muddle 2 basil leaves, lime juice, and add to a shaker with ice. Add your vodka, blueberry juice and shake away. top with sierra mist natural... pour, and garnish with the remaining basil leaf!

Anything with basil is a friend of mine.
so which sounds yummy to you? will you be trying the frost bite or mist-letoe?
either way. you're in for a treat!

and guess what? if you come check back in with me next week, you will have a chance to win a pretty awesome entertaining kit that sierra mist natural has put together for you!

if you're now in the cocktail mood and you need more ideas, head over to the sierra mist facebook page or follow them on twitter!

[this is a sponsored campaign. all product was provided by sierra mist natural. images and opinions are mine... and my friends and fam]