|| gifting on a dime ||

in consideration of my new "situation" (semi-self employed) i've been racking my brain for thoughtful, useful, and pocket friendly gift ideas for friends and family. actually, i've always thought this way, but now i actually have to act on it as my holiday budget has been slashed.
so, i put together a few fun and easy ideas. all of these projects cost me ZERO dollars. yes. really.
and if your fairly crafty, i have a hunch you have some of these things around the house or wherever you may keep your crafty goods.
remember: you're being thoughtful by making these gifts, eco friendly by recycling your old stuff, and saving your entire fam a load of cash. don't think of it as re-gifting your old crap. because it's so much more:)

these are just a few peeks into the projects i'll be sharing with you next week. all very customizable to your lucky gift receiver and materials are easily interchangeable with what you have!
can you guess any of these yet?
come back monday for day 1 of the...
5 days of gifting on a dime.