:: weekend snaps ::

a few pics from our weekend.
i really need to start using my [real] camera again. my phone is just so darn handy though.

finally had a chance to start organizing things like jewelry... still a work in progress, but it's definitely not "displayed" all over our bathroom counter anymore. put to use some easy little stands made with vintage plates and candlesticks. found a fabulous bust and horse sculpture. and started the weekend off right with champagne to celebrate my recent leap into self employment!

put out some of our halloween decor that's been waiting for weeks! better late than never? ryan and i made sushi! ok, ryan made sushi. i watched and tested. it was our first time trying it and it turned out better than we both expected. i think this needs to become a new weekend tradition for us. and lastly i had a great sunday afternoon organized by sharon taking head shots with desi! they looked stunning on the camera, cannot wait to see the real thing!
for the first time in a long time. this weekend did not fly by. i think this new state of mind i'm in... not stressing about making it to work on time monday, or dreading spending another day in my cubicle... i think this has allowed me to appreciate all the good things we have going on. it's an amazing feeling! how was your weekend? xo