// this weekend i tried... //

gluten free // dairy free brownies... kind of

my intentions were there. to be honest, i really didn't care much about them being gluten free. i was focused more on the dairy part. which was good because I had ryan run to the store... i asked him for coconut oil, almond meal and dark chocolate. i got coconut extract and cocoa powder:) [i appreciate that he DID try though. he was only trying to help me test my baking skills] so. i subbed in vegetable oil, wheat flour and made "chocolate" out of the powder. they were ok at best. i think the chocolate would have made a HUGE difference.
so, for the second week in a row. recipe FAIL.
i still ate 3 after work yesterday though. they weren't THAT bad.
i'm trying something easier next time:)

if you ARE looking for a gluten and dairy free recipe. i used this one from gluten free goddess.
i trust this would be spectacular with the correct ingredients