... and have a happy friday

happy friday y'all
today is a good day.
the house is clean. i'm caught up on work. i made rice krispy treats. and ryan gets home.
i've been holding down the fort for 2 weeks now on my own and can't wait to have another human with me here! it's been me and 3 [messy] pets. it get's a bit old telling them about my day with no response:)
i have some yummy treats lined up! i made r's favorite... the rice krispy treats. and planned a fabulous breakfast for tomorrow of baked eggs, homemade cinnamon buns, and mimosa's of course.
enjoy your weekend!
oh, and if you have any tips on the cinnamon buns, feel free to chime in. i've never made them before and can imagine they're not too easy.

{image by me}
{book: the cocktail by jane rocca gifted by sharon!}