// this weekend i tried... //

a glazed popcorn.
my inspiration came from this popcorn recipe on designlovefest. looks so good.
I never even thought of changing up popcorn. adding salt, or parm? ya.. but nothing like this

it reminded me a bit of kettle corn because of the sugar in the recipe, but the lemon and poppy seed gave it a deliciously... different kick.

it was super easy to make.
i whipped up an egg white, sugar, lemon extract, salt, poppy seeds and lemon zest. tossed my popped popcorn in the mixture [which by the way was just plain old popcorn from a bag in the microwave]. baked for 20 minutes. and enjoyed.

can you just imagine all of the ingredients you can pair together with the simple base of an egg white, salt and sugar? there are so many possibilities.. i will definitely be exploring some on our next movie night! have you ever made anything like this?

[all images by me]
ps. in the recipe, it did not specify what to do with the poppy seeds and lemon zest... common sense told me to throw it in the egg white mixture and it seemed to work just fine! i also pulled our popcorn out at about 16 minutes. i didn't want it to be as caramelized on the outside. hope these tips help a bit!