// this weekend i tried... //

recently, i've been stuck in a rut.
cooking the same thing, wearing the same thing, eating out at the same places... basically, getting comfortable. now comfortable is definitely not a bad thing, but sometimes, you just need to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. i definitely wasn't doing that. so last week, i decided to take a few days off and re-think, re-plan, even re-decorate. i needed to get organized and updated. i organized my office, redecorated the downstairs of our house, started new projects, finished long over due projects and made a promise to myself to try something new as often as i could.
i even came up with a way to incorporate my blog into this new "way of life" :)
every weekend (let's be real, i may take a weekend or two off), i'm going to try a new food and/or drink recipe.  drum roll...

this weekend i tried a sweet salsa. my intake of fruit usually consists of (possibly) a banana when i'm running late for work. not good. so i was truly hoping this would be a magical recipe that made me want to eat my fruit. and... it did. this stuff was amazing. and easy. i chopped up bananas, mangos and kiwis, blended some strawberries, mixed, and had a bowl of fruit salsa. served with equally as easy cinnamon chips made with flour tortillas, this was one recipe i will be using again.
the only downside is that i found this right at the end of summer. i would've made this for every backyard bbq, pool party, and afternoon snack. there's always next summer

i found the sweet salsa and cinnamon chip recipe on cooks.com, you can get all of the details here.
all images were taken by me.

try it and let me know what you think!

oh... and i tried a basil margarita. a word of advise. don't.
if you have and have a magical recipe like the one above, send it over:)