life and your bag

this was the state of my bag

{trust me. you definitely don't want to see this in color}

i spy oatmeal... really? out of control.

and don't they say your life mimics your home/organization etc? Something like that? I think so. Well.. i felt a lot like that purse. a whole lot going on. jumbled in a mess. unorganized. and i had an anxiety attack every time i had to look for my stupid keys.
i decided, i need a bag for every "category" of things in my bag. stationary-ish things like pencils, pens, paper, camera, washi tape (you never know when you'll need it). personal type things like gum, chapstick,   bobby pins, and rubber bands. coupons! (i'm cheap) etc. My mom used to call me a bag lady when i was a kid. I really still don't know what this is, but i think i'm definitely living up to the name now. (it may have had something to do with the fact that i NEVER threw anything away, it would go in a bag, in my closet, "just in case". the case never arose:)) This time it's pretty little leather and canvas bags... not grocery bags.
Moving along... here is my round up. Some purchase (yay!), some i want to purchase. Here's to getting organized!

when looking at my options, i realized their might be some colors i'm leaning towards? i'm okay with that. mint was definitely my summer color obsession, but i think it's going to transition well when mixed with some mustard and forest (one of my october inspiration colors!).
i can't wait to get my bag (and maybe my head) straightened out.

as usual. my faves are from etsy.
mint awesomeness via renneslechateau
mustard coin purse (that comes with a ring pillow! perfect!) via thezakka
tassle-ey canvas perfection via vellepurse
suede beauty via marketa