[ a birthday for him ]

Last weekend we celebrated a friends birthday, which i decorated, as usual. I had showed you a little of my inspiration here, and definitely think we achieved a "manly" vibe. Maybe it was the mustaches, i don't know...

People can say what they want about ross. personally, i always find amazing things for amazing prices. these gorgeous "crystal" decanters were one of them. they really brought the bar to a whole new level. i heart them and will use them over and over {i'm not a crystal connoisseur by any means, these could very well be real, i have no idea, nor any idea what real crystal costs... so, let's call them real}
and whats a bar without some signature cocktails. the birthday boys wife and i met up the night before to  test out some recipes. it was horrible... but we did what we had to do to make his night special;)
we ended up with two fabulously {and unexpectedly} yummy cocktails. one we appropriately named "be a ginger" and the other with the main ingredient being pink lemonade. yum.

distressed silver and succulent accents

and lots of books... because manly men read novels, right?

my masterpiece. a bowl of chips {secured with glue dots} placed on a candlestick made potato chips a little more fancy than your everyday backyard bbq display.

the photo area was a hit. mustaches do that to people. you aren't any fun if you don't take a picture with a mustache. for the word board above the backdrop, we made lots of letters to hang. people could choose a phrase to write out, rather than the typical speech bubble chalk board. i must say, you get a few of those ginger cocktails in people and it gets interesting.
backdrop was made from tissue paper fringe and a large succulent looking tree-ish thing i found in their backyard. love surprises like that!

the end.
need a manly man party for the guy in your life?
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