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judy kaufmann... fabulous illustrator i just couldn't help but sharing. she's a super sweet gal from barcelona who was kind enough to share a piece of her story with me, and a little gift for you. it was so hard for me to pick what i wanted to showcase here... her simple style grabs me. i've been determined to grow my art collection, and she will surely be my next addition.

this is definitely my fave, because...

mondays truly would be way more awesome if this were true (one day!)

ok, so i wanted to share a little more about judy. getting to know people makes their work even more interesting::

[ tell us a little about yourself outside of your illustration business ]
I really like to wake up and go to swim, it is something that relaxes me for the entire day. I also go one or two times a week to the cinema and this last time I've been reading a lot of graphic novel. Also, these days, I'm listening the last PJ Harvey LP, Let England Shake.
I also try to travel a lot, my next trip would be an almost two month trip to Chile, Perú and Bolivia, so now I'm trying to get everything organized.

[ how did you get started? ]

I've started working on a newspaper in Chile, eight or nine years ago. I was very inspired by the illustrator of this place and he was the one who assured me that this was exactly what I wanted to do. Then I came to Barcelona, one of the best places for designers and illustrators. And here I am, very happy with how things went.
[ what inspires you? ]
As I always say, I get the inspiration from what I don't understand, what I don't know, what I don't know how to do, what I am not. From the interest that I feel about all things that are outside of my life. That's where my imagination picks the inspiration. On the other hand, I have a bizarre and explosive inspiration when I go to museums and galleries and I get involved with different colors and formats, whether I like or not what I'm seeing

now... more of my picks from judy's etsy shop

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a big thanks to judy for her time and generous offer!