{ invitation inspiration }

next up on the wedding planning agenda.. the engagement party! now, i know that this is traditionally taken care of by family, but how could i pass up an opportunity to plan another bash? i can't. i will happily let my mom host this party, and happily (maybe forcefully) pass over party ideas... ok, not ideas, how it's gonna be.

it all has to start somewhere. the invitation.
i can't tell you how excited i am about getting to send REAL invitations for our wedding. if i sent out paper invitations... in THE MAIL, for any other occasion other than this, i would never hear the end of it from our friends. they already feel obligated to ask about the "dress code" when they come to our house for a bbq (only because i make a huge deal out of every get together.. it's my passion!). an actual invite would only lead to more jokes on my behalf (i might sound annoyed, but i really take the martha stewart jokes as compliments:)

moving on. my inspiration... all i see for these engagement party invites is GOLD. shiny gold ruffles to be exact.

i'm planning on sewing gold ruffles onto the invites (and also plan on having a small wedding, ha)
we will see how that plays out. i'll share the outcome soon!