{favor bag diy with glue dots}

[image by me]

hope everyone has enjoyed all of the different projects we have been sharing!
today i will be showing you how to whip up some favor bags for your next bash.
here is what you will need::

| cardstock in 2 colors | small strip of fabric | glue dots glue lines | scissors | ruler | pencil |

remember, all of these measurements are easily adaptable to the size you want for your bag!

cut the paper for your bag:: 5" wide x 9" tall

draw in measurements for the sides and bottom of bag::
mark lines 1" in from each side length wise
mark lines 4 inches in from each end

fold up sides length wise, these will be the side walls of your bag
cut on the lines you drew width wise ONLY in 1", not all the way across to the other side, this will create the base size of your bag

apply the glue lines to the outside edges of the sides you folded in the create the side walls of the bag
keeping the short tabs in the center on the inside of the bag, fold up the sides, over lapping the sides of the bag, press down securing the glue, and voila, you have your bag.

cut your fabric strip as long as you'd like, i'd recommend about 5 inches::
and attach on on each side of the bag to create your handle

cut your triangle in the contrast color paper and attach

enjoy your new favor bag... and repeat!

sharon and i cannot wait to share all of the other fun projects we worked on for glue dots!
we will get to share soon... stay tuned

[ all images by sharon of cupcakes and cutlery unless otherwise noted ]