... fabric flower tutorial with glue dots ...

[image above by me]

if you visited cupcakes and cutlery yesterday for the straw tutorial, you got a little run down on what these projects are for. if you didn't... here's a quick recap. ok, well i guess there isn't that much to recap since the majority of what we did is still in the works and will be published soon! basically, glue dots approached sharon asking if she'd like to help out with a project for their company. sharon recruited me because she likes my craft skills and is awesome at bringing opportunities like this to me. sharon and i brainstormed. glue dots sent us a box jam packed with glue dots goodness. sharon and i made lots of messes with fabric and paper. now we bring to you, fun diy projects you can make with a box of glue dots and a few inexpensive craft supplies your probably already have in your stash.

one of the glue dots projects i worked on were these bright blooms made out of fabric.
pretty sure i will be creating these again, in masses. i think a gigantic bunch of them in different shades of one color would look great as a spring centerpiece on our table! i also love that you can use the wire to make these flowers move and stand exactly where you want them.

here's what you need::

| fabric | micro glue dots | wire, available at any craft store | scissors |

for each flower, you will need to cut out 5 circles in different sizes

on each circle i used 2 of the micro glue dots to create a fold as seen in the image above

use a sharp object to create a small hole in the center of each circle that now have folds

thread each circle onto a long piece of wire, largest first to smallest on top [length of wire depends how long you would like your stem]
bend the wire in a "v" shape and crimp all of the circles together

great flowers that cost less than real ones and will last forever:)

[all images by sharon of cupcakes and cutlery unless otherwise noted]

that's not all folks. head back on over to cupcakes and cutlery tomorrow for a tutorial on some napkin rings, then back over here on thursday for a great customizable gift bag diy!