[ st. lucia recap ]

i'm finally back! we had an amazing (and relaxing) time, but now it's time to snap back into reality.. quickly! sometimes i wonder if a vaca is worth it because it's almost more work to catch up when you're back:) well, okay.. i only think that for a second before i remember how leaving and sitting on a beach with a drink in my hand is the best way to spend a day. period. here are a few of my favorite shots, and a little announcement at the end!

that top pic. one of the most quaint and GORGEOUS bays i've ever seen. palm trees set among the lush rainforest. massive estates in the hills and colorful cottages below.
we took a boat ride there, to marigot bay, and i really just wanted to jump off and stay. the preferred form of transportation from one side of the bay to the other? a quick ferry ride... love. i like places where cars aren't necessary:) now that's a vacation (from traffic if anything)

[the pitons]

and how could i go a week without a craft project?

this island was coral central. so one day i recruited ryan to help find as many letters as we could in the sand.




and the best part of our trip?

he proposed!

don't worry. i won't overload you with wedding dresses or anything... i plan on making as much as i can for our big day, so it'll definitely stay crafty over here:)