. wishful thinking .

lists are always fun, especially when it's a long list of things you wish you had. so here's mine. my birthday (sunday!) wishlist... it might even serve it's purpose and assist some family and friends that always say it's so hard to buy for me. really? i'll take anything from colored pencils to a cat shirt... it can't be that hard;)

i've basically had my eye on all of this stuff for weeks. no other reason than it's all just stinkin cute.

there is actually something i semi sort of need. that camera. ryan got a boat load of film for me for christmas... with a polaroid camera, that unfortunately did not take that film:( we can only find the camera on ebay, and i always forget to bid, so... i STILL have not managed to get a camera and use my film.

{necklaces by edor}[ring by macha]{mini purse by red ruby rose}

i'll take one of each please, thanks:)
next up, birthday party inspiration board. expect hot pink, stripes, wine and mini cakes!