something mini for your weekend

yesterday was ryan's birthday and i was browsing the aisles of the craft store for fun ways to package his presents. i spotted these adorable little guys.
um, these are erasers. erasers i will never be able to bring myself to use. could you?
they're currently being used to test the new lights for the lightbox [which still stinks... how bright of a bulk do you need, jeez!], next they will be recruited to my desk and used as little trinkets to brighten my day, and once ryan finishes fixing my display box for my obsessive collection of miniature things, they will probably be retired to their respective squares.

how great would these be as favors? i mean, even as an adult.. i wouldn't mind getting these as a favor:)
another useless craft store purchase? horse decals i will be turning into stencils. stencils that will be used to adorn a cool oversized sweatshirt i picked up at old navy on sale. ya! horse sweatshirt = awesome
have a fabulous weekend! xo