one. one. two thousand eleven.

it's the first day of 2011 which means... resolutions!
i won't bore you all of the resolutions i continue to make every year that somehow get forgotten, but there is one i want to share, because hopefully it'll be something i talk about here more often.
in 2011 i'm going learn more:) easiest way to say it... over the last year, i believe i've gotten comfortable in what i know. so i want to learn more, i want to take more classes for things like calligraphy and painting, and i already have ryan signed up to teach me how to use power tools!
it's something i'm finally excited about, rather than already stressing out about (like my resolution to eat more greens, less carbs!). do you make resolutions for the new year? what are yours?
ok, and i also need to stop watching jersey shore, because it's really sucking up valuable hours in my day:)

{xo, l}
alec vanderboom3 Comments