. making a light box... and a little v-day inspiration .

so this weekend ryan and i worked on a little project. a light box.
mine is still a work in progress, i need much brighter bulbs, but so far so good!

we bought pvc pipe and cut 8 pieces, 4 for the top (this will be the final size), and 4 for the legs.
you will need 4 of the "joint" pieces you see below w/ 3 holes to put at each corner. forgive me for not knowing what these are called:)
and last we used pieces at the top of the legs that allowed us to screw them into the top. this way we can adjust the leg height so that its level AND take it apart to store in flat.

i used white polyester fabric to line 3 sides.
i cut the fabric to the size of each side and glued velcro to the legs and the fabric so it is easily removed for storage

the final product.. not pretty, but pretty functional.
i had some $3 lights purchased at ikea that are just about the perfect size, just a little too dull, but that can be fixed. in the back i took a small lamp w/ the shade off, you can do that on all three sides.

all set up and turned on for a mini trial shoot!

love love love
i had so much fun taking things from around the office and arranging them for my mini shoot. i can't wait to do this for many more inspiration boards and share more with you!