{last minute idea!}

look at this adorable, and useful, gift my friend lindsey gave me yesterday.
i'm in love... packaging is perfect and it's something ryan and i will actually use

chances are, you might just have a few of these things in your spice rack... so if you're looking for a last minute gift for friends, family, or just your neighbors, try it out!

now, lindsey is all about being healthy (she's the one who forces me out of bed 3 times a week at 5 am to work out), hence the "clean" cooking she likes to also make me try:) is one of your resolutions to eat better (um, isn't that everyone's come jan 1?) try this recipe. she also brought this over and i'm on day 2 of eating it for breakfast... it's delicious, and if i now lindsey, nutritious:)

my second new years resolution? to stop procrastinating... i put this one in place when i realized i had 2 more days to do christmas shopping. so i'm off to do just that... again. i just got so fed up yesterday with the crowds i couldn't continue any longer. thank goodness all of my mall shopping is done, THAT was the worst. i probably won't be back until after christmas, so i hope everyone has a great weekend!

ps- adorable scalloped medallion is from pugly pixel!