:: diy week with moi ::

still coming back for more?
well good, because i couldn't host a whole week of projects without contributing something!

[ mini gold pot candles ]

dilemma- you have 15 co-workers to buy for, and don't want to spend an entire paycheck doing it
solution- you know all of those old candles that you've burnt as long as those suckers will last? and they're sitting in your closet because they smell too good to throw away? grab those

you'll need::
an old candle | mini terra cotta pots | glue {super glue works well too} | wicks | metal wick tabs | paint

so i'm sure there's a much better way to do this, so i'm leaving it open to you... but you have to seal that hole on the bottom. what i did was took a small piece of electrical tape {because that's what was available in the garage}, put a little super glue around the edges and it seemed to work just fine!

paint your pots. i chose gold for the holidays...

thread your wick {cut taller than the height of the pot} through the metal wick tab and fold the bottom to one side to keep secure

glue wick tab to bottom of pot

put your old candle wax {remove any left over wick or stickers that might be on the bottom} in an old metal container {i used an old dog bowl! but there are fancy little pots you can melt wax in} and melt on LOW heat

fill your pot!

trim the wick once candle has cooled..
and pack!

kraft box | bakers twine | silver glittered leaves

add a match to the top of your box for a finishing touch

find other fun containers around the house like tea cups or old vases and finish off all of those old candles i know you have:)

happy holidays!

{xo, l}